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1890 Bryant Street, #308
San Francisco, CA 94110

Artist Books are a wonderfully diverse genre and my work is much the same. I'm fascinated by structures and boxes, both traditional and invented. Most of the books included here have some unique sculptural or spacial element to them.


Interview: Open Studio Specimens

Rhiannon Alpers

At my Spring Open Studios, a friend, Nina Zineinger,  stopped by to see my work and write up a blog post about what I had on display. The images she took are quite exquisite.  Click here to read the full blog post or read it her below with a link to the images. 


Rhiannon’s most recent project was set up on a table outside of her studio space but first I went in to check out where she worked. She shares her studio with two other printers/bookmakers (also part of the SFCB community).

Besides a lot of table space, Rhiannon also has her own board shear (pictured above) and standing platen press.

I knew that Rhiannon knows how to make a lot of different book structures, like the one pictured above, and she has casually mentioned she makes sculptural books but boy, did she underestimate herself. Her most recent series is called Specimen Books and it really pushes the idea of what books are to a whole new level. As the title suggest, the books (and boxes, and paper sculptures) contain either insect or plant specimens and sometimes it’s difficult to tell what’s real and what’s handmade. I would hardly do the work justice by describing it in words so to get a better idea of what the work is all about, I snapped some photos so you can see for yourself.