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1890 Bryant Street, #308
San Francisco, CA 94110

Artist Books are a wonderfully diverse genre and my work is much the same. I'm fascinated by structures and boxes, both traditional and invented. Most of the books included here have some unique sculptural or spacial element to them.


Narrative Threads: Abecedarian Gallery

Rhiannon Alpers

Narrative Threads

June 21- August 2, 2013
Abecedarian Gallery, Denver

The works in Narrative Threads utilize visible threads (as opposed to the structural/functional use of thread for binding) to tell their tales. Of intimate scale, the narrative each presents take a back seat to the tactile invitations extended by color, texture and sheer loveliness.

These works are appealing in their hand-mindedness, even the wall works not designed for handling tempt the viewer to touch their surfaces, enlivened as they are by the sewn line. All in all, a very satisfying endeavor and I look forward to continuing to work with several of the artists included in the exhibition."