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1890 Bryant Street, #308
San Francisco, CA 94110

Artist Books are a wonderfully diverse genre and my work is much the same. I'm fascinated by structures and boxes, both traditional and invented. Most of the books included here have some unique sculptural or spacial element to them.

Proposals & Samples

To schedule a workshop or private lesson of the topics below at your location, please use the contact page or email Rhiannon Alpers directly.

papermaking class in session   

papermaking class in session


Papermaking Basics: Plants and Exotic Fibers

1 Full Day Session
Class Fee: $150
Materials fee: $20

Learn the basics of creating your own handmade paper with exotic fibers from your garden, grocery and local florist. From the harvesting and collecting stage to finished sheets, we'll learn the process for making paper with unique fibers (such as grasses, vegetables, fresh herbs and flowers). Students will get a chance to learn the keys to cook, beat, and form sheets of paper in this one day intensive. Sheets will be air dried and some left to dry under pressure for several days and mailed to students. 


Traveler's Journal


1  Full Day Session
 OR 3.5 hour private lesson
Materials Fee: $15

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of journaling and sketching in a book you have made, it makes the process that much more precious. This class is designed for the beginner, and welcomes artists of all kinds to create a book for a thousand uses (paintings, poetry, photos, lists, musings, mark making, drawings). Made of a soft leather with a beautiful stitched pattern on the spine called the longstitch, this rugged book is meant to be trekked and traveled with. For everyday or on your special travels, we'll discuss ways to decorate and customize the book to suite your needs. Students will learn the tips for making them on their own, and resources for getting all the supplies afterwards. 



Paper Valentines: A Shaped Papermaking Workshop

Register here

Tuesday February 11th, 2014
1:00pm - 3:30pm

Located at : Conservatory of Flowers, Golden Gate Park
100 John F. Kennedy Drive
San Francisco, CA 94118

Class Description:Share the love this Valentine's Day by making something handmade! This fun and easy hands-on class is a great way to create special valentines for your friends and loved ones. Learn the basics of papermaking from artist and expert Rhiannon Alpers, and watch as plant cuttings taken from right here at the Conservatory are cooked, strained, formed and pressed into beautiful, fibrous sheets of paper. Participants will leave this workshop with 6 handmade sheets of paper. We'll also discuss what fibers work best for papermaking and why, and present lots of ideas for making your own paper at home. Enjoy cookies and hot chocolate, learn a new craft, and make a one-of-a-kind Valentine for your special someone! - See more at:

Materials to bring: None. Please wear clothes that can get wet or dirty and shoes with good traction


valentines paper.jpg

Beginning Bookbinding

Materials Fee: $50
Sessions: 4 full days or 9 evenings

Learn bookbinding's basic vocabulary, its fundamental tools and their uses, as well as the materials (paper, cloth, board, and adhesives) and techniques (folding, sewing, and gluing) of the craft. Students will construct four hardcover, hand-bound, multi-section books over the course of the series. Each binding in the series will add to the skills previously learned and integrate new techniques. Modifications for working at home without complex equipment will also be covered. 


Bookmaking: Simple Structures

1 /2  Day Session OR 2 Hour Private Lesson

This  introductory class will teach you the basic structures and stitches that every book artist should know. Beginning with the basics of bookbinding vocabulary, tools, adhesives and resources, you’ll learn all the basic techniques needed to create a multitude of books including hard cover, accordion, single-section pamphlet stitch, board book and four varieties of a book made from a single piece of paper.
A $25 materials fee will be collected at the time of the workshop.


simple structures_newsletter.jpg

Three Ways to House your Books


2 Full Days Sessions
Materials fee: $25

Make three of the basic structures used to protect books or prints: the portfolio, the slipcase, and the clamshell box. Using archival bookcloth, book board, and papers, you’ll learn the basic bench skills and techniques: creating formulas, cutting methods to use at home and in the studio, building tips, and possible variations. Prerequisite: Bookbinding 1.

Shaped Boxes

1  Full Day Session
OR 2.5 hour Private lesson
Materials fee: $20

Boxes come in all shapes and sizes, with lids, compartments and drawers. In the first of two sequential classes, you’ll learn the mechanics of folded boxes and make several different styles. We’ll discuss how to modify patterns for folded boxes and what papers and adhesives work best. Prerequisite: [Bookbinding I].





Portfolio Building

1  Full Day Session
 OR 4 hour Private lesson Materials Fee: $14

Printmakers often need a custom portfolio that can make an impression when presenting and shipping precious artwork. Students in this one day workshop will create a 12 x 18” portfolio with provided materials during the class. Ideas and samples on how to customize the portfolio to one’s own needs and artistic voice will also be covered in detail.

Caterpillar Stitches 

Two evening or one full day sessions

OR 4 hour Private lesson

$25 materials fee

Create two different softcover wraparound books with two lines of caterpillar stitches running around the cover to hold in the text block. This binding focuses attention on the beauty of the caterpillar wrap stitch and caterpillar braid stitch. Unlike most caterpillar bindings the signatures in this structure are bound with the stitch through the cover on the spine. Using handmade paper for this binding gives a natural look to the book and draws attention to the uniqueness of the paper. Students will also see samples of artists” books created using this binding style. Prerequisite: some bookbinding experience.


leather catalpillar.JPG

Plexi or Wooden Photo Albums

1 full day Session 
OR 4 hour Private lesson
$25 materials fee 

Learn to make a modern artist portfolio with unique colored plexi-glass covers and luxurious papers. This book is bound using a coptic link stitch which allows the book to lay flat for viewing and has a very professional and modern look with custom made plexi colored covers. Design ideas and layouts will be discussed as well as tips for digitally printing your portfolio before binding.