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1890 Bryant Street, #308
San Francisco, CA 94110

Artist Books are a wonderfully diverse genre and my work is much the same. I'm fascinated by structures and boxes, both traditional and invented. Most of the books included here have some unique sculptural or spacial element to them.

Private Lesson Reservation & Payment

Private Lessons

Private Lesson Reservation & Payment


Private Lesson Reservation & Payment

from 150.00

Students can pre-book with a deposit for a private lesson or pay for a lesson online after booking with Rhiannon Alpers. Lessons are usually 3 hours and $150. Please email directly to find a date and time that's mutually agreeable. Lessons are for 3 hours generally and include materials for 1 person. Lessons for additional people will be booked special. 

You will receive a confirmation email of your reservation and will be able to pay the balance by check or cash at the time of your lesson. 

Please note: On the third cancellation of an appointment by the student with less than 5 days notice, the student will be asked to pay for the lesson since another student cannot be booked. 

Please email or send a message via the website if you have any questions or comments. 

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